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Border Telegraph:

Play on at the Pavilion
Graham Ford

THORN BIRDS heartthrob Chard Hayward is flying in from his home in Australia to attend the World Premiere of his new film, “Play On”, which will be shown at Gala’s Pavilion Cinema later this month. The rugby film, which was partly shot in the Borders has attracted a lot of interest, and the town, which has never hosted a movie premiere, is ready for something
a little different.

A number of well known rugby players are expected to join cast members and director Al Dekin for the showing which will take place on November 18. Melrose, including the Greenyards, was used extensively during the making of the film which sees rugby player Keir Kilgour (played by Adam Gray-Hayward) try to follow in the footsteps of his famous father Finlay (played by his real-life dad Chard) who is a Scottish Rugby legend.

Keir’s sister Shirley is also his agent trying to get him the best endorsements but things are very different in the professional era. Back then it was all about playing for the jersey. The part of Shirley is played by Gillian Dodds, whose father Kenny Dodds captained Melrose.

It is hoped Gillian, who recently made her own bit of history by having a wedding ball at her Greenyards marriage, will attend the premiere.

The timing of the movie’s premiere could not be better as the next day will see the full USA team come to Netherdale to take on the Scotland A international side.

Limited tickets for the Premiere, priced £l0, which include the exclusive movie screening with the stars. wine and foot and a question and answer session after the movie has been shown with members of the cast, are available now from the Pavilion Box on 01896 752767.

Adam talks about his preparation for a major scene with his father and Chard comments about how wonderful it was to work with his real life son in “Play On “.

7:41 20 September 2010

Interview with Adam and Chard- Part 1

Interview with Play On star Perrin Hall “Dante Hamilton” . His take on filming the movie and rugby:

10:43 30 August 2010

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